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April 1st 2005]

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March 30th 2005]

lyric header

the ribbon on my wrist says Collapse )

January 23rd 2005]

new journal..ghettofab23

To add me click on the thing next
to my icon that says tonight...
that will lead you to my user info
page 8-)
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Umm..back that ass up? [Saturday,
January 22nd 2005]
[ mood | I definitly have a head ach ]

Nate`s party = hoppin.

Wow..all of these gangster
songs at one time. Jeeze.


January 19th 2005]
[ mood | bitchy ]

What Napoleon Dynamite Phrase Are You?
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Haha..biatch..I am more
percent Napolian then
Erin 8-) muahaha
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January 16th 2005]

Your as useful as a POOPY flavored

Vacation = 25 more effing days.
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January 13th 2005]
[ mood | sick ]

Happy 2 weeks and 1 day

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January 10th 2005]
[ mood | gosh..bad day ]

I have a question....

Click here you snob you.Collapse )

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January 7th 2005]
[ mood | talking to kels= awesome ]

Okay well so far I only want to
change Newman and I want gym 1st--

Life Skills 2-blom
U.S. History-Newman
Algebra 1-Carroll
L.A.- Tomsich

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January 2nd 2005]
[ mood | loopy ]

Adam Brody//Seth Cohen
I`m glad were going out. I
love you<33!:-*
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December 31st 2004]
What`s your New Year`s resolution?
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December 29th 2004]
Okay..so Rachelle kind of
gave me this idea last night when
she sent me a few of her old
memoribal jourla entries..
soo heres a few of mine that
I think are memoribal...

the day I saw Joe...Collapse )
My big Homecomming plan with KelsCollapse )

The 1st day me and Sarah started going out/Shelbi`s house.Collapse )

When I saw something funny at the mall.Collapse )

Warped Tour<33!!.Collapse )

Well...this one`s not a good memority..but it is memoribal.Collapse )

This ones just memoribal.Collapse )

The last day of school.Collapse )

Cedar Point.Collapse )

Mine and beths big joke.Collapse )

Cancun.Collapse )

My 1st update...Collapse )

wow..that was a long one lol.
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December 27th 2004]
[ mood | bad</3 ]

Okay..well as most of you know.. this has not been the best
Christmas for me I hate this. My life is at an ultimate low at the moment
and I don`t want to have to deal with it anymore. Everything I want is to
far away..and yes for part of it..I really mean FAR away. Around 2 thous
and miles. I`m not sure if more more can go wrong. To Be honest.I`m done.
$25.00 CMNT

December 26th 2004]
[ mood | definitly sad ]

If you interested to know what I got for Christmas.. click here.Collapse )

$13.00 CMNT

December 24th 2004]

Merry freaking Christmas.
I didnt get the
thing I wanted:(
$10.00 CMNT

December 21st 2004]
[ mood | moody ]

Today I woke up around 8 to
go shopping<3!%:-p. I went to the faboulus
mall. It was funny to think that I was
shopping while all of you were working
hard in school. Haha suckers. After that
I came home and around 6 I went to the
basketball game. I got to see ERIN<3 freaking
baller!!Yea it was hott. I got to kiss her
haha..yesm. I also got to see some other
cuties<3:). Now I am going to go to bed because
thats how I role.

note- I also saw the LOVELY
Sydney at the game<3!!

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December 19th 2004]
[ mood | freaking tired ]

I have a question...
Why do we all go to Tifany`s locker
in the morning?
$51.00 CMNT

December 18th 2004]
[ mood | tired ]

last night= the movies. The movies
were alright. Spanglish is one hell of
a long movie though. Jeeeze. I almost
fell asleep. lol. I got to see Sydney
at the movies<33. I sat next to nate:).
Brittany and Mackenzie almost got
into a fight? (I rooted for kenzie:-p)
After the movies Aryca dropped me
off at home..and I found out that
they left me out of their box.
So now I`m mad at them.
I just got off the phone
with my BEST friend Amanda<33.
$12.00 CMNT

December 15th 2004]
[ mood | silly ]

Everyone has done this..except
me. So I would like you to leave
a comment with your favorite
memory of me:). This shall
be fun.
If you don`t like that..then
you can wish apon a star
it will make to difference who
you are:).
<33 Comment
$12.00 CMNT

December 12th 2004]
[ mood | cold ]

Yesterday I got up nice and
early to go to Aryca`s
compitition. So around 10:30
me and my sister left and went
to Aryca`s house. We drove to
the compitition where I got to
see Brian:). Aryca got 2nd place
and now she gets to go to
Flordia *jealous*
. After
the compitition I spent the
nizight there. Around 11 I went home
and put up the Christmas tree and
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